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Namaxe Yoga is currently under renovation.  We will re-open in the Spring!

For the Love of Yoga
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Let’s face it; life can be tough. At Namaxe Yoga, we invite you to step inside the serenity of our studio and trade your troubles for all that is love.  Through the practice of Yoga, we are called to connect with the parts of ourselves that we hold in the highest regard.  By doing so, we are able to honor both ourselves, and our relationships with others, in the most loving way possible.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just replace all that is weighing us down with all that will set us free?

We have a full schedule with a class for everyone and if you can't find one you Love, tell us, we will make one. We offer classes for everyone no matter where they are on their journey. Our experienced teachers Love what they do, they want to share the Love with you. Our goal is to create a Community of individuals who are open to new experiences through the practice of Yoga and Wellness.

The Translation says to "Trade it all for Love".

We invite you to trade all your stress and cares for the Love of Yoga.


We are located in the heart of downtown West Orange with a warm spacious studio, wood floors, changing rooms and convenient street parking.

69-75 Washington St

West Orange NJ 07052


Info for Yoga Teachers 

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“Atha yoga-anushashanam.” “Now, the exposition of Yoga.” Yoga Sutra, 1.1

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