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Capoeira: An ancient art originating from Brazil in the 1500's by the African slaves who disguised combat into what seemed like a dance that has since been refined and passed down throughout generations. The roots of this art run deep within Brazil as the presence of unity, music and triumph  are what continue to power this community and this way of life.

Children’s Capoeira  Mondays and Thursdays 6:00-7:00 PM  


 Kids Class Video   Kids Birthday Party


Adults’ Capoeira       Monday - Thursdays 7:30-9:00 PM

                                     Thursday 7:30-9 at 49 E Midland Ave, Paramus NJ (in the dance school)

Kids Capoeira Monday & Thursday at 6pm

Capoeira in Schools - Residency programs


Zumba: Come enjoy a class full of energy constant dancing, Zumba incorporates a combination of Latin and Pop rhythms for a not only a great experience but a great workout!
Monday 7:30 PM  with Andrene    Contact the Instructor
  Dancehall Zumba Class Video   

Yoga : Challenge both the body and mind with the practice of unifying individual consciousness and universal consciousness.  
 Daily Classes         
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Samba: Tuesday's 7:00 PM - $10 per class  

The history of Samba directly coincides with that of Capoeira; used by the African slaves in Brazil to throw off the appearance of fighting into a mere expression of dance; this rich style of dancing is practiced to this day. Designed for all levels samba class starts with a warm up that exercises basic isolation of the body. Followed by stretching and strengthening exercises.  The whole class is taught to the sound of the upbeat and irresistible Brazilian music. Be ready to sweat!  Come feel the Brazilian vibes in a very active and spontaneous class and learn the popular and traditional dance of Samba from Brazil. 


Contact the Instructor

LEGACY LISTING of a Class No Longer Offered - In Memory of the late Ayesha K Faines

Viva La Femme is a sensual, upbeat afro-latin dance fusion performed to an eclectic playlist of R&B, Neo-soul, 70’s Funk, deep House, Latin Jazz, and Afro-Beat. Dancers will develop a sense of rhythm, flexibility, presence, and a fierce repertoire of sexy, elegant moves. Viva La Femme is taught in an intimate, dimly lit room, under the glow of red lights.  Heels are suggested, particularly those worn for ballroom/salsa classes, or a practical heel with ankle support, like a bootie. Please keep in mind, this is an aerobic, sensual fitness class. You will burn calories and sweat!  Please wear appropriate and comfortable dance/yoga attire and shoes.
P.O.P. is a one-of-a-kind sensual fitness class that combines elements of dance, kundalini yoga, deep stretches and exercises that strengthen the hip, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. P.O.P. emerges from the belief that women have access to a powerful, creative energy that is both erotic and therapeutic. You will learn sacred, sensual movements that women have performed since the beginning of time to enhance their vitality, prepare for motherhood and menopause, remedy bladder control issues, and ultimately experience deeper, more satisfying sensual pleasure. Class can be performed with a yoni egg to intensify the pelvic floor exercises.  Students will learn exercises they can take home and receive holistic lifestyle tips to improve energy levels, intimacy and quality of life. The environment is intimate, dimly lit, and filled with warm vibes and good music. Please wear comfortable clothes. Bring water, a yoga mat, and a yoni egg if you wish.

As Scheduled by Client

Birthday Party
As Scheduled by Client

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