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Professora Borboleta in DC asked me if there were any events this summer for kids.  She has an amazing group of talented future mestres.  Professora Amazonas said we don't have enough for our kids to do at regular events.  I said, let's have a kids event. 

Please come with a few of your kids and see what happens when we dedicate a day just for them.  There will be hourly workshops based on age (3-5, 6-10, 11-16).

The entire event is free, we are asking for $5 per person to cover the food we will provide the kids. 

We are asking each teacher who can confirm their attendance to give one of the 18 workshops offered that day. There is a registration form so we can plan it properly.  This is not a group event, it is a kids event.  A chance for them to be both a kid and a serious capoeirista all in the same day.




Below is the Tentative schedule for older kids on the left, younger kids on the right and alternate activities.

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