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2022 brings new opportunities and new challenges. To meet these challenges we need to make some changes to our financial structure. Some students pay monthly tuition. Some pay a discounted family rate, others pay a weekly rate. 


We currently do not have enough revenue to support our expenses.  Our non profit has not received enough grants for the tuition scholarships we give. We need to increase capoeira tuition. We have not had a tuition increase in almost 10 years. We will increase the tuition but with some important additions. 


The new tuition will now include the cost of the two batizados and a new uniform each year. We will continue to offer a 25% family discount on tuition but it will not include the batizados or a new uniform each year.

This new offer will require an annual contract like your cell phone or cable tv company. Anyone who does not want to pay $150 each month on an annual contract can pay weekly tuition of $40 which will not include any of the events or a uniform.


Tuition options are:

Unlimited Monthly $150

Unlimited Weekly $40

Drop in $20


Payments can be made each month or week via credit card, venmo, cash app, PayPal, Zelle or cash. A credit card will be kept on file for annual contracts.

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