The Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey

Brazil comes to Bloomfield with classes in Capoeira, Samba, Maculele, Drumming, Salsa, Zumba & Yoga

Pre-C Capoeira Winter Session is January 14 - March 20

Class Description

Pre C is an informal, spirited class geared toward children aged 2 years thru 4 years that incorporates a wide variety of Capoeira and musical activities, including singing, dancing, instrumental jam sessions and gymnastics. The material used in class uniquely reflects and celebrates the lives of children growing up in an urban environment, as well as more traditional themes universal to all children.

Each 30 minute class is packed with tools to encourage their early musical and physical development such as shakers, scrapers, bells, tambourines and drums.  As we sing, dance, and play, parents play a huge part in their child’s class experience and growth by participating in a session or two and then letting the children continue on thier own in class. 

Pre C is a refreshing alternative to traditional movement and music classes for kids. With influences of African, Brazilian and Bossa Nova, songs uniquely reflect and celebrate the lives of children growing up today. The music is dynamic, exciting, and irresistibly appealing to both kids and their parents. It's an interactive musical experience that the whole family can genuinely get excited about!

Classes are made up of 6-12 families. Families register for classes by the ten week sessions through, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Class activities are adapted to the targeted Pre C ages and levels. The range of activities in the class creates a fertile environment for learning and growing, as each child participates at a pace that is right for him/her.

The Pre C Philosophy
Provided with a stimulating and fertile musical environment, positive role models, gentle guidance and encouragement, young children will have enriching musical and social experiences that will help them gain a sense of self and a connection to the world they live in.  Pre C also helps children transition into regular kids Capoeira class.

Goals and Expectations
A Pre C class is a place where children can experience music and movement in a rich variety of ways. Whether actively participating or simply listening and watching, children are learning in ways that are right for them individually, and at their own pace. A more instructional approach, with a focus on specific results, is not only age inappropriate, but totally unnecessary for their musical development. Exposure to musical experiences and basic Capoeira movements, allows young children to explore and learn on their own without the anxiety of others expectations.  After Pre C children will be ready to join the children’s Capoeira class at age 4 or 5. 

The fee for the 10-week winter session is $150 when paid in advance or $10 per class for drop ins. All payments must be received on or before the first day of class. If you are going to miss your first class, please be sure that your payment has been sent to reserve your spot. 

If you are going to miss your first class, please be sure that your payment has been sent to reserve your spot. Spots are held upon payment received.   Payment is calculated when you register.


Space will be available on a first-come first-served basis and is limited to 12 families. Registration is online and class placement will be confirmed via email once payment is received.

No refunds

Parent Participation
Parent/caregiver participation in class is strongly encouraged. Whether you sing on stage, or only in the shower is not important when it comes to the positive impact your participation will have on your child.

You may schedule to bring a guest child to class for $5. Adult family members are welcome free of charge.


Class will be Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:15-5:45

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