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Yoga means union.  It is a healing practice which can unify mind body & spirit.  Prana is the Sanskrit word for "breath" and also means "life."  Therefore, Prana can be translated as "the breath of life" or "life energy." Prana Yoga is the method of accessing life force or energy thorough breathing practices (Pranayam) along with Yoga postures (Asanas) and sounds.  Students will learn basic Yoga postures (Asanas) and breathing techniques to facilitate the release of toxins, strengthen and further calm the entire body. 

Benefits of Yoga include:

Strengthening the Body

Improving the Immune System

Strengthening the Systems of the Body

Removal of Toxins

Increased Flexibility, Range of Motion

Stretches Muscle & Soft Tissue

Improves Posture

Calms the Mind, Helps Concentration, Improves Mood

Unites Mind, Body & SpiritThis class will also include meditation and relaxation.  Class is held on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30.  Please bring your own mat and towel. 

Ameerah Ahmad is a poet and Educational Artist.  She earned her Certificate in Prana Yoga through the New York Open Center. 

To contact Ameerah please email

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