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Destination Jamaica 2015

Instrutor Morcego & the Capoeira Malês family in partnership with Professor Gaivota & the Capoeira Guerreiros family invite you to Destination Jamaica II , an international capoeira encounter in Discovery Bay, Jamaica from January 15 – 19 2015. Destination Jamaica II will bring capoeiristas from around the world to experience a unique week of workshops, rodas, excursions, and plenty of fun and sun in beautiful capital city. This is your chance to explore and celebrate the depth and richness of the African diaspora through capoeira while immersed in Jamaican culture.

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Destination Jamaica will feature a variety of workshops tailored to your level of experience. Whether you’re a seasoned high cord or just received your first rasteira, you’ll have the opportunity to train with students of similar skill levels.

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Capoeiristas of all levels from first month to 15th year need not worry! Destination Jamaica will feature separate workshops for  advanced practitioners. Under the direction of our renowned guests, you will be able to freely focus on your own development.


Want to take a break? Destination Jamaica will offer several opportunities to experience all that Jamaica has to offer. Indulge your senses as you sample the diverse offerings of Caribbean cuisine.

Learn about the history of the island’s maroon communities. Explore the tropical beauty of the island’s many natural attractions. See what the capital city has to offer. Or spend the day on our own private beach resting up for the evening’s big roda. Whatever your pleasure, Destination Jamaica II has something for you.


Destination Jamaica has secured a lavish Villa in Discovery Bay for our own private use. Spend your nights in the comfort on our the grounds of our cozy villa. Bring a tent, sleeping bag, and your camping gear–we’re sleeping under the stars!

Roll out of your tent and be a stone’s throw away from the workshops, rodas , group dining areas, and most importantly, the sea!

Campground facilities include several spotlessly maintained restrooms and separate men’s and women’s bathhouses.

All  meals will be provided daily at the Villa.

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