The Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey

Brazil comes to Bloomfield with classes in Capoeira, Samba, Maculele, Drumming, Salsa, Zumba & Yoga

Facility Usage Terms & Information

REHEARSALS        $50/class

TEACHING               For a series of classes taught on a weekly basis: $40/class.

STORAGE                When space is available, props, costumes and other rehearsal items may be stored in designated areas to be determined in advance

                              with ABCCNJ   staff. All stored items must be contained and clearly marked with artist/group’s name.

                               Any unidentified items left in the space without permission will be disposed of.

ABCCNJ bears no responsibility for items that are lost, stolen or damaged.

LONG TERM            Fees for each month must be received in advance of studio use each month,

STUDIO USERS      Rental dates that fall on holidays are billed at contracted rates.  Rentals that fall on holidays that are cancelled in advance will be billed

                            at 50% of contracted rates.  If another user rents the studio for the time you have cancelled you will not be charged.  ABCCNJ staff

                            must be notified at least one month in advance of any other changes to the regular schedule, otherwise space renter will be charged f

                            or time regularly reserved for them.

AUDITIONS,             Minimum Rental: 3 hour block $175.  Same Day, Additional Hours (or parts of 

VIDEO TAPINGS,    hours) $50/hr.  Note: One hour of Set-up time will be included in rental time




NO SMOKING          There is absolutely no smoking in the building under any circumstances, including out windows or in the hallways.

STREET SHOES     No marking sole shoes on the wood floor.  All teachers are asked to "swiffer" or mop the floor after their class.

EATING                     Food and drink are permitted in the studio area and hallway. 

                                Food must be cleaned-up and disposed of in the building trash bin in the back lot. 

PAYMENT                 Space is only reserved with full payment in advance of use. ABCCNJ will not reserve or hold space without full payment in cash,

                               check or credit card.  All users must complete a credit card security form.

CANCELLATIONS       Short Term Studio rental user fees are fully refundable if booking is canceled at least a month in advance otherwise, there are

                                 no refunds or changes.

SPACE &                  Any equipment or furniture used or moved within the space must be returned to

STUDIO                     the original location before leaving the space.  Any other equipment or property

PROPERTY                in the space is not available for general use without permission from ABCCNJ

GARBAGE                All trash, food, bottles and cans must be disposed of in the dumpster behind the building.


The primary space renter (signer of CONTRACT OF AGREEMENT FOR STUDIO USE) is responsible for informing all other associates regarding the rules of the space and insuring all rules are observed.  Renter is also responsible for turning off all electrical equipment, closing all studio windows, closing and locking all studio and building doors upon departure.  Any signs or notices put on walls or doors must be removed after your class.  Any renter who leaves facility lights or electronic equipment on after their rental will be charged $10.  Any renter who leaves facility outside door blocked open after their rental will be charged $25.   

Failure to observe the rules of the space and/or care for the space as outlined in this agreement, immediately renders this agreement null and void, and the renter will forfeit all security and rental deposits, as well as future opportunities to use the space.

ABCCNJ cannot be responsible for any personal property lost, stolen or damaged if left on the premises.  Long Term Studio Users may maintain locked storage boxes in assigned storage areas.