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Children's Capoeira

We believe in an Academic approach to the art of Capoeira. Our Children’s Program is unique in that it combines games, music, dance and acrobatics with the history and Culture of Brazil to achieve our ultimate goal, which is to enrich the lives of the students whom we serve, and encourage their cultural development. Students learn the martial arts techniques of Capoeira though games and drills that help them improve coordination, agility, flexibility and strength. They also learn the music of Capoeira by playing traditional Brazilian instruments and singing Capoeira songs.

We believe that strong leadership and positive examples teach discipline and respect, not fear or force. Our Center focuses on such positive aspects as character and development to create a solid learning environment for our children.
Capoeira can be learned by anyone who has the desire for self-improvement. Our school’s teaching methods are conducted in a friendly and non-stressful environment, which enables students to enjoy physical and mental exercises while improving at their own rate. This is accomplished with the guidance, encouragement and motivation of our instructors.

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