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General Requirements:

For this cord a review is done of the basic Capoeira movements or fundamentos that were mastered for the previous cord.  The student will show better technical control and greater volume of game.  Development of the specific physical abilities and a better vision of the game is required. For this cord the student plays the toques of Pandeiro and Atabaque while singing in the Roda.


- To develop specific physical qualities: agility, flexibility, coordination and balance.

- To provide the student with general knowledge of the history of Capoeira in Brazil.

- To give the students the opportunity to participate in exchanges and courses with other

  Mestres and other groups.

- To demonstrate the Seqüência da Ensenio Capoeira Regional.

1.              Meia Lua de Compasso/Rabo de Arraia, Martelo, Esporão

2.              Chapa, Bananeira

3.              Godeme/Galopante

4.              Giro, Cocorinha, Tsoura no Chão

5.              Negassa, Negativa, Role, Chapa de Costas

6.              Cabeçãda/Arpão de Cabeçã

7.              Cocorinha, Arrastão

8.              Giro, Joelhada

9.              Cocorinha, Resistência, Negativa, Rolê

10.                       Rasteira, Au Sapinho

11.                       Instrument (Atabaque or Pandeiro)

12.                       Corridos

Video of Seqüência da Ensenio Capoeira Regional 


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