The Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey

Brazil comes to Bloomfield with classes in Capoeira, Samba, Maculele, Drumming, Salsa, Zumba & Yoga


Central to the Mission of Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey is to bring educational opportunities to community schools and organization through educational assembly programs, residencies and workshops. The Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey has teachers & performers at primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and cultural institutions through out New Jersey. Programs have ranged from After School Enrichment in children’s schools to credit courses at Universities.



A smaller version of our theatrical performance that includes a blend of music, dance and historical narrative that traces the roots of the culture of Salvador, Brazil back to its African origins. This 20-45 minute performance presents beautiful costumes and the exciting explosive art of Capoeira, all with live percussion and invites student participation throughout the show


This includes various forms of Samba, Afoxe, Maculele, and dances of the Forces of Nature.



Learn the rhythms of the various instruments that make up an escola de Samba and Bloco Afros during Carnaval: tambourine, pandiero, guica, timbale and surdo. Learn Samba, Samba Reggae , Samba Afro, Samba Redo, Ijexa. And the rhythms of Condomble. All of these workshops are energetic, exciting, engaging and most of all a lot of fun for the participants. All of these workshops can be done individually or in a longer term residency. 

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