The Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey

Brazil comes to Bloomfield with classes in Capoeira, Samba, Maculele, Drumming, Salsa, Zumba & Yoga


Contramestre Gaivota: 
(David Morgan), has been practicing martial arts since the age of six. After training Tai Kwon Do as a child he took up Shotokan as a teenager. In college he began learning Enshin which is a full contact style of karate. As a Black Belt in Enshin he competed in several bare-knuckle, knock down tournaments and placed in all of them. He was first introduced to Capoeira in 1999 and began teaching classes at the NJ Capoeira Arts Center in 2003.

Gaivota graduated to the level of Instructor in 2005 with Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira and was graduated to 
Professor in 2007 and Contramestre in 2014 by Mestre George Palmares of Capoeira Guerreiros.  In 2006 Contramestre Gaivota opened the Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey. During his career in Capoeira, Gaivota has traveled to many countries as well as states sharing his love of the game at Batizados, workshops and events. The Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey is dedicated to promoting and teaching Capoeira as a living example of Brazilian folklore and culture. 


Mestre George Palmares is the Mestre and leader of Capoeira Guerreiros.  He shares his experience of growing up on the streets of Salvador immersed in the magical sounds of the Street Musicians, Carnaval, and Camdomble ceremonies. Mestre George is a Master Capoeirista, Composer, Choreographer, Percussionist, Vocalist and Dancer. He is the Artistic Director of the Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey.  He has been performing professionally since the age of 15 and since coming to the United States in 2000 he has presented performances and residencies in primary and secondary schools and cultural institutions throughout the United States.

Randy Brathwaite started training Capoeira in 2000 in Bloomfield, N.J. with Mestre Glauber of AU Capoeira. In 2006 he instructed for Parks Theatre in Union City, N.J with the supervision of his Mestre. He is currently teaching for The Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey in Montclair & Newark as well as running his own Capoeira studio in Jersey City.


Professor Pele began training Capoeira in 2003 with Contramestre Gaivota.  He began teaching for the Afro-Brazilian Cultural Center in Afterschool programs in Newark in 2007.  He is currently a full time Capoeira teacher at the Center and responsible for the Capoeira Club at Columbia University.

Instrutor Carcaju (Adam Chase) started training in martial arts in 1990 at the age of 7 in Tae Kwon Do. In March of 2003 Carcaju began training Capoeira in RI with Mestrando Tigri of Grupo Ondas. In 2007 he began training with Contramestre Gaivota in Capoeira Guerreiros.  Carcaju graduated to Instrutor in 2014 with Contramestre Gaivota and Mestre George Palmares. He has been teaching at the Afro-Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey under Contramestre Gaivota since 2012.


Vicente Carrion, Instructor Viajante started playing capoeira in 2005 and has never looked back. He joined Capoeira Guerreiros in 2010 and became an instructor June 2015. He trains and teaches at the Afro-Brazilian Cultural Center under the supervision of Contramestre Gaivota. 



Rachel Scott

One of the things I love about teaching ZUMBA is that although we all follow a basic formula, we each can show our own style and add our own flavor, therefore ZUMBA is truly for EVERYONE. There is a class for every person, every taste, and every level. I can honestly say that I am doing what I was called to do. Not only am I able to do what I love as my job, but the ZUMBA family is truly the best working colleagues anyone could ask for.



Andrene Bryan puts a spicy carribean flavor on Zumba making it impossible to not shake every part of your body to the beats.  Come and dance(hall) with her in our Saturday Zumba class.


  Deborah Ovalles is a dance teacher and personal trainer with a degree in Exercise Science from William Paterson University.  She is the Director of the Dynamic Performance Studio which provides an environment to expand, explore, and engaged in health, fitness and dance creativity. So tap into new Dynamics in your life and see what Fits for you.








Malaïka W de W is a classically trained Jazz dancer. She started at the age of 4 in France until the age of the 18 when she moved to New Jersey. There she discovered Zumba Fitness in 2008. In 2009 she becomes certified Zumba Fitness instructor in Paris, France and started teaching Zumba Fitness in her hometown in Normandy. In 2010, she moved to Miami, FL where she took Zumba classes with Beto Perez, the creator of Zumba and other recognized instructors. She also models for Zumba Fitness wear. Malaïka is also a professional samba dancer. She began performing in 2011 at many events in South Florida, Las Vegas, New York. She also appears on Television (Univision, Telemundo, AmericaTV). She is currently training as a professional Latin dancer. 






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