The Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey

Brazil comes to Bloomfield with classes in Capoeira, Samba, Maculele, Drumming, Salsa, Zumba & Yoga

Bahia, Minha Bahia August 2017

From August 13 - 19, we will explore the art, culture, and music of Salvador, Bahia and its surrounding communities. Salvador is located in one of the most beautiful settings in the world, Bahia, Brasil.  Salvador is a distinctive historical city that at one time was home to approximately 1.5 to 2 million enslaved people who were imported into Brazil from Africa. It is said that there is no other place outside of Africa like Salvador, where descendants of Africans have preserved the history of their heritage. Salvador gives us wonderful insight into the African culture that encompasses everything-from music, religion, food, dance and of course Capoeira.


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Approximate cost: $1000 per person ($500 for guests not taking the workshops) can be made in three payments. Visa to enter Brazil is $160. A deposit is due by May 1. If you are interested in going please add your name to the Reservation List

The fee includes:

  • Local transportation
  • Museum entrance fees
  • All lectures, workshops & tours
  • Dormitory style housing in a Bed & Breakfast where most meals are provided

 The airport is Luis Magalhaes International Airport (SSA).  

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If you would like a closer look at where we are staying, check out this video


Treasured by native Brazilians for its pristine beaches and laid-back, fun-loving culture Salvador is Brazil’s first capital and the center of its Afro-Brazilian population. In this cultural and musical mecca, folkloric traditions abound. Among them are Afro-Bloco drumming groups like Olodum and Ilê Aye that engage people of all ages in vibrant celebrations; Capoeira Mestres who fuse martial arts, dance, and music to challenge and inspire; and Candomble houses where centuries-old African spiritual traditions, including rhythms, songs and dances are passed on to new generations of Bahia’s youth.

Calendar of activities:

Two Capoeira/Dance/Music workshops each day (Be aware that the ground training surfaces in Brazil are hard and you should bring your training shoes with you.)

Regional with Mestre Bamba & Mestre Nenel 

Angola with Mestre Lazaro, Mestre Boa Gente, Mestre Bola Sete, Mestre Curio, Mestre Rene Acanne

Folcloric Show, Street Rodas, Festivals, Academy Visits, Beach Trips, Shopping Trip to Mercado Modelo, Optional local tours.  Local Mestres will be invited to share meals with us allowing us an invaluable opportunity to meet and learn from many different Mestres.

All transportation to activities as well as airport transfers are included. To take advantage of transfers, you must provide your flight information no later than July 20.  Transfers will not be offered if the flight information is not received by the deadline and transfers at any other time will incur a separate charge.

For any questions regarding this trip, contact Contramestre Gaivota at [email protected].  

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made prior to July 1 will receive a 50% refund. No refunds after July 2


Make sure that you have a valid passport and a Brazilian visa.  The fee is $160 and is not included in the trip fee.  You will need your plane ticket in order to get your Visa. It takes approximately 2 weeks to get an appointment to drop off your passport & visa application.  It takes approximately 2 weeks to process the application & return your passport.  Complete Visa information is at


We have committed to picking up only people who will arrive in Salvador at Magalhaes Airport (SSA) on Saturday August 8 until 2:30pm. You must have provided all your flights information so we can check and see if there have been any changes or delays in your flight in case you don’t arrive on time. Housing address will be provided for students taking a taxi.

Upon arriving at the Salvador airport someone will be waiting for you right outside the international arrival gates. Look for a sign with Capoeira Guerreiros on it. If for some reason your flight is slightly delayed past 2:30pm we will wait.  If it is delayed past 3pm you will need to take a taxi.


Gaivota’s Cell in Salvador (001) 973-563-3997


Please be aware that ATM’s are available in Brazil but you may pay a bank fee.  If you have not exchanged money prior to your departure and you are going straight from the airport to Salvador make sure to exchange money at the airport.

Here is a money exchange website for you to check the rates


If you need to make a call to Brazil or your relatives want to contact you while you are there, here is how. Dialing from the US: 01155 + the city code + the phone number.

If you are in Brazil and you need to call the US, you can place a collect call (ligação a cobrar para os Estados Unidos). You may pick up any pay phone and look at the instructions that say (ligação internacional).  You can also purchase phone cards (cartão telefonico) and sim cards for your cell phone. 


Toothbrush and toothpaste (both can be bought in Bahia)

Workout clothes (White Abada’s and group shirts required!)

Sneakers or capoeira training shoes (most capoeira classes will happen on a hard surface)

Camera for taking photos or videotaping

Swimsuit & Towel (both can be bought in Bahia)

A small amount of cash. Plan to use your ATM & credit card 

Useful Items: Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, Brazilian phone card, allergy cream or medication, some warm clothes mostly for night time.  You can always buy more clothes as needed.


If you wish to have more freedom in terms of transportation you can rent a car. Salvador has over one hundred kilometers of coast with over 80 beaches including several islands close to the coast. Most of these beaches are accessible by car and they can be just across the street or as far as 100 km (63 miles) away from Pelourinho. There are very few places to rent cars on the coast so it would be a good idea to make arrangements beforehand at the airport that you arrive. 


Salvador web sites:

Salvador map

Weather map: 


Keep in mind that a bus ride from Salvador to the airport might take an hour but if on a Sunday or after a holiday weekend that time could be stretched up to 2 hours. Plan well ahead of time so you don't miss your flight!  We highly recommend travel insurance.  


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 If you would like to come to Bahia with us, please add your name to the Reservation List